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Not since the 80s ended has there been such an unstoppable force as Apex Zenith.  This is the top top of the top.  With this new record titled, “Pinnacle,” Apex Zenith has reached the most top possible for any artist reaching for the top.  

With tongue placed firmly in cheek and nostalgia as the palette, Apex Zenith will take you back to a time where parachute pants were comfortable and cars got really bad gas mileage.  Heavy Synth-pop for the masses is the best way to describe this modern take on retro music.

There is no autotune, no bad feelings, no acoustic guitars, no hippies, no wimps, and no room for those that seek to bring down this music that seems to have reached the top of expectation.  Please follow the project on the various social media platforms listed here on the website and keep checking back for news of what can only be described as the search for the ultimate top of the top!

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